This doesn’t look like much (and Youtube police please don’t put me in jail for copyright infringement) but it’s meaningful to me. It’s me returning from an evening walk as the rain picks up, conspires with Apple Music to knock the wind out of me, then plants the seed for an idea.

It’s me taking a shitty cracked-up mobile phone (that tends to overheat at the slightest) with a wobbly tripod and recording a video where the focus goes in and out because I have NO sense of how optics work. It’s me matching music to cut to subtitle so that the timing works.

In the end, it’s a bit boring and visually flawed but it works. Because I made it. Because the words hit page & screen just *so*. Because, R.E.M and Automatic For The People.

Even the focus going in and out ends up looking nice to me. Next time I’ll angle and light the shot better.